The best $25 you’ll spend this month, maybe this year

By now, most of us have heard the awful news coming out of Auburn. If you haven’t heard, university officials have confirmed that the legendary oaks at Toomers Corner have been poisoned, and have little likelihood of survival. It’s a senseless tragedy that these treasures will now be lost.

What if you could have paid $25 to prevent it?

The fact is, we live next to another of Alabama’s treasures. Its cool blue waters give us enjoyment, leisure, exercise, and value, among other things. It is a sanctuary, a testimony, an affirmation, and a spirit. It’s Logan Martin Lake, and it is threatened.

Threatened by neighboring states who seek to restrict the flows of the mighty Coosa River system. Threatened by individuals who carelessly toss trash onto its shorelines. Threatened by negligent construction within its watershed.   And threatened by a lack of education about its preciousness and fragility.

But you can help protect it. For only $25 a year, you can join LMLPA and become a guardian of Logan Martin Lake. Your dues help fund educational programs like the St. Clair Waterfest, help build the new wetlands boardwalk at Lakeside Park, help us continuously make our voice heard to our state lawmakers, and help us continuously test our lake to make sure that its waters are safe and secure.

Over 550 families and businesses around Logan Martin Lake have made a commitment to protecting it, and it’s easy for you to join them. You can even pay online now, just visit for more information.

Protect our Lake. Join LMLPA.

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