We Face A Water Emergency

What is a water policy, why do we need one, and why on Earth doesn’t Alabama have one (all of our neighboring states do)? Alabama Associate Professor of Law Heather Elliott explains in this article, reproduced with permission from Capstone Lawyer.

The good news is, a select group of Alabama agencies (The Alabama Water Agencies Working Group) are currently working hard to define Alabama’s Water laws. Governor Bentley has directed the working group to recommend an action plan and timeline for implementing a statewide water management plan. The recommended action plan is due by December 1, 2013, which will give the group time to create a comprehensive database of Alabama’s water resources and conduct meetings to gather input from stakeholders that have an interest in water resource issues.

LMLPA has been asked to weigh in, and we’ve assembled a committed of local government officials to help us do so. We will submit our findings to the AWAWG by November 1. Click the article image below to read it (PDF)

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