Important Information from Logan Martin Lake Protection Association:


We are attaching the newsletter from the Corps of Engineers regarding the request for the higher winter water level of 462. LMLPA has been in discussion with the Corps for nearly 20 years over this matter, both in writing and in person.  We are very excited to see the Corps is supporting the increase of winter level at this point.  They are in a comment period till 1/29/2020.  Information on how to comment is listed in the newsletter.  There were also several open forum meetings scheduled before the end of the year.  The closest one to us was in Childersburg, unfortunately it was the night of the Pell City Christmas parade.  However,several of your LMLPA board members as well as Brian Muenger, Pell City Manager attended the meeting, viewed their information and were able to ask detailed questions.  We have commented on behalf of LMLPA membership and ask all to comment personally. We encourage you to comment as quickly as possible. Your comment does not have to be lengthy or detailed, mostly just a statement as to whether you support the higher winter water level or not.  It would help to indicate the area you live, work or recreate in.


The timeline tells us, that as the process goes along, the earliest we can expect to actually see the higher level is Winter 2021, but at least we can see a decision in the fairly near future.  This in itself is encouraging.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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