Wetlands Boardwalk Project

Logan Martin Lake Protection Association Wetlands Boardwalk located at Lakeside Park in Pell City is a 70 –foot long walkway out into a natural wetlands area that sits towards the entrance of Lakeside Park in Pell City.  The end of the walkway has an observation platform that is 40 feet wide by 12 feet long with benches at the end for you to sit and enjoy the scenery and sounds of nature.

The construction of the boardwalk started in late 2013 when the lake levels were lower and was almost entirely hand build, so not to disturb the natural habitat. The boardwalk was finished in May of 2014. The boardwalk was funded by LMLPA, local municipal governments, civic organizations and contributions.  The cost of the boardwalk was $38,603.42 plus signage.

One of the educational outreaches the LMLPA uses for this site is identifying some of the plants seen from the boardwalk and the observation deck.  They are identified by a sign attached to the boardwalk and a number attached on or near the plants themselves. The trees and larger shrubs are easily identified, even in the winter.  The smaller perennial plants are more easily identified in the spring and summer when they are in full bloom.  The flyers at the entrance to the boardwalk have photos of these smaller perennials as well as photos of some of the animals that might be seen in the wetlands.

The purpose of the boardwalk is to educate the citizens about the importance of wetlands and to provide a space for wetlands educational activities by school groups and others.  One of the most popular uses of the observation deck is LMLPA’s Frog Night with “Dr. Frog”, George Cline, and students from Jacksonville State University.  This night is an unforgettable evening of amphibian voices of the season where children and guest learn to identify frog songs and get hands-on experience with the slippery creatures.

LMLPA is proud of the wetlands boardwalk and glad to be a part of something that provides educational use for the community as well as preserves our natural habitat area.


Additional Information and Press:
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