What can be done about the Canada Geese?

If you missed the January 19 LMLPA meeting, you missed some very informative presenters.

Dr. John Guarisco kicked the meeting off with a very detailed an informative talk about fish advisories. He detailed the history and dangers of some of the chemical pollutants monitored by the Alabama Department of Public Health, and provided more detail about what fish consumption advisories mean.

Fish advisories are published on an annual basis; you can see historical advisories as well as the report published in August of 2011 at this link: http://www.adph.org/tox/Default.asp?id=1360.

Next, Officer Randy Lyles with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources took the podium to answer questions about the Canada Geese situation. Some key points that surfaced:

  • Officer Lyles urged residents NOT to feed the Geese.
  • You can buy 5.56 ammo online and start hunting as it is legal to hunt Geese during normal waterfowl season, but there are limits to how many Geese you can legally take.
  • You can get a permit to dispatch Geese during the off season if ADCNR deems it necessary and safe.
  • It is illegal to discharge a firearm within most city limits (Pell City, Lincoln, Riverside), but the mayors of these cities may be willing to issue temporary permits. BB Guns and Pellet Guns are considered firearms.
  • It is illegal to poison the Geese.
  • It is illegal destroy the nests of the Geese, but you may idle the eggs to discourage future nesting.

While LMLPA maintains no official position on the Canada Geese situation, we do want citizens to operate within the law and within the guidelines set by the ADCNR. Therefore, we’ve created a page at www.lmlpa.org/canadageese listing the agencies that you need to work with in order to lawfully deal with the Geese in your area.

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