Shoreline Permitting Changes for Logan Martin

You may have heard of changes concerning permitting on Logan Martin Lake.  Here’s what we know so far: Alabama Power has been granted a “Programmatic General Permit” by Army Corps of Engineers.

According to the notice from the Army Corps of Engineers (PDF), the programmatic general permit was designed ” to avoid unnecessary duplication of regulatory control exercised by another federal, state, or local agency,” and to “expedite authorization of work…that would have minimal adverse impact on the aquatic environment.”

It looks like this process is being introduced to ensure that all work complies with the Rivers and Harbors Act (navigability) and the Clean Water Act (discharging material into waterways). There are additional provisions protecting endangered species and historical properties as well, as these are covered by other federal laws.

Several other rivers in the Coosa, Tallapoosa, and Warrior Basins are also affected.

What has not changed:

Permit applicants will only apply to Alabama Power (APCO), rather than applying to both APCO and the Corps, for authorizations under both the Corps’ permits and APCO’s Shoreline Permit program.

What is new:

Updated 2/23: Per APCO Shoreline Management, the Joint Permit Application does not need to be filled out separately.

APCO will verify that a proposed project meets the terms and conditions of the Corps’ permits, and notify the applicant, and provide the General and Special Conditions of the Corps’ permit, along with any project specific conditions. This notification will accompany APCOs Shoreline Permit.

What you can expect:

It’s tough to tell at this point, but it’s likely that the shoreline permitting process may take a bit longer than it did prior to the change. We’re working with Shoreline Management to get a representative to come to a future LMLPA meeting to answer your questions. Stay tuned.


The Corps’ Website for the Mobile District Regulatory Division

Public Notice Number SAM-2010-00509-CHE (PDF)

Correspondence concerning this Public Notice should refer to Public Notice Number
SAM-2010-00509-CHE and should be directed to:

District Commander
AnN: Casey Ehom
U.S. Army Engineer District, Mobile
Birmingham Field Office
218 Summit Parkway, Suite 222
Homewood, Alabama 35209

with a copy to the:

Alabama Department of Environmental Management
Post Office Box 301463
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1463

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