Call for LMLPA Board Nominations: Respond by June 29

LMLPA has certainly experienced many changes this past year, with more community activities, special projects, and enhanced communication avenues.  All of this means increased responsibility and opportunity for the organization’s board and committee members, and the need for greater participation in select areas.  For this reason, this year, we are conducting a “reset” of sorts, which involves renewed awareness of board/committee member expectations and commitments.

Below you will find a brief list of expectations for board/committee members of LMLPA, followed by a checklist of possible interest areas in which you feel you could assist for the coming business year.


  • Willingness to accept theresponsibilities associated with the position
  • Able to meet the time commitment as described below:
    Quarterly General Membership meetings (generally 2 hours)
    Quarterly Board/Committee meetings (generally 2 hours)
    Participate in Committees as needed
    Occasionally attend called Committee/Board meetings (generally 1 1/2 hours)
    Participate in various community activities in which LMLPA is represented – ex: Renew our Rivers, Block Party, Lake Fest, Taste of Lincoln, etc.
  • Act independently, confidentially and objectively regardless of external relationships    with other directors, committee members, members and local private industry

Areas of Possible Interest:

Membership              Newsletter articles            Educational Programs
Special Projects       Event Coordination             Water Testing/Data Management
Lake Clean Up

As your Nominating Committee, we certainly appreciate those who volunteer to serve as we look forward to a productive year with increased growth and service to Logan Martin Lake dwellers, visitors, conservation groups and agencies, local schools and the public at large.

The Nominating Committee is forming our list of board nominees for the 2012 -2013 operating year to be presented for vote at the General Meeting on July 19.  If you would like to continue to serve or would like to volunteer for the first time, please email us at with the following information:

contact telephone #s (home, cell, etc),
email, and
primary areas of interest in which you would actively serve.

Please respond by June 29.

Thank you from your Nominating Committee

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