Alabama Fish Consumption Advisory 2015


Beautiful Logan Martin Lake is part of the Coosa River system.  It covers over 17,000 acres with 275 miles of beautiful shoreline.  It is 48.5 miles long with an average depth of 18 feet.

Unfortunately, certain toxic chemicals have been found in our beloved lake.  Some of these chemicals can accumulate in fish. With some of the chemicals, higher levels of the contaminants can be found in older and/or larger fish.  When chemical concentrations are elevated in fish, they can pose health risks to people who eat them. Sampling of fish provides the information (levels of contaminants) needed for issuing the advisories.

This advisory was developed to inform people who eat fish from Logan Martin as to which species of fish in which waterbodies may present an elevated health hazard.

Click on the following for the Alabama Fish Consumption Advisory 2015 for Logan Martin.

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