The Logan Martin Lake Protection Association (LMLPA) was formed as a tax-exempt Section 501c4 corporation in 1995. LMLPA applied for and was awarded their 501(c)3 status in 2000. Contributions to the organization are fully tax deductible.

Your membership makes our voice loud and clear to our elected officials. We recommend and support legislation for the protection of our waters and measures that will improve water quality and cleanliness.

This web site provides useful information for the members of the Logan Martin Lake Protection Association, all residents of the area, businesses and to anyone interested in Logan Martin Lake and the surrounding area.  Logan Martin Lake affects activities and economics in St. Clair and Talladega counties. The Lake provides recreation, business opportunity and water resources to the two counties. The primary function of the association is to educate the public on issues and activities that impact the use and vitality of Logan Martin Lake.  The Association activities include:

  1. Water quality monitoring
  2. Water Wars tracking
  3. Involvement and information on relicensing procedures
  4. Sponsorship of lake litter clean-up
  5. Provision of public forums for education and information exchange
  6. Maintain a dialog between LMLPA and similar grassroots organization

Our intent is to provide information and news about the Association, the Association activities and events affecting the lake. The primary focus of the Association is education.  Please use the web site to your advantage and give us suggestions on improving the site and making it more useful to you.

Mission Statement

Advocate and promote the general welfare of Logan Martin Lake and that of the homeowners, businesses, and users of Logan Martin Lake and the surrounding areas.


  1. Advocate laws and regulations for the care and protection of Logan Martin Lake and surrounding areas.
  2. Promote and implement citizen monitoring of water quality and quantity of Logan Martin Lake.
  3. Advance cleanliness of Logan Martin Lake and surrounding areas.
  4. Promote safe and secure recreational use and activities upon Logan Martin Lake.
  5. Arouse interest of homeowners, businesses, and users of Logan Martin Lake and the general public on environmental and other issues affecting Logan Martin Lake and surrounding areas.
  6. Elevate the economic and recreational interest of Logan Martin Lake and surrounding areas.
  7. Provide Association members with current information and opportunities to participate in forums, seminars, and other activities concerning Logan Martin Lake.

Become a Member

The strength of our voice is in direct proportion to our membership size. If you are not currently a member of LMLPA and would like to join us, you may send your check for $25 per household or business to:

P. O. Box 2002
Pell City, AL, 35125