President’s Message

From the Captain’s Chair…

As we move into the fall of 2022 and the lake activity slows and the foliage begins to turn all colors of red, the efforts of LMLPA on Logan Martin Lake, its members and its mission really come into focus…. Through your efforts and contributions, our lake is cleaner and safer with the continued success of our Lake Cleanup program and our super-successful Solar-lighted Buoy Program.

Through the efforts of all of us, a long-time awaited goal has been achieved, two more feet of winter water! The new APC RULE begins in October of 2022. Many thought this would never become reality. (Thanks Carl Wallace for keeping us posted!)

Our association meetings have taken on a new look and feel, thanks to the efforts of David Carboni and the Membership Committee. It was his ideal to make the meetings more of a social gathering with the focus of “Meeting your Lake Neighbors” along with presenting interesting speakers that “speak” to the interests of the lake owners and users. Many thanks go out to the leadership of St. Simon Peter Episcopal Church, Pell City for allowing us to hold our meetings in their Fellowship Hall! We are forever grateful.

If you are visiting the Wetlands Boardwalk located at Pell City Lakeside Park, all new signage has been installed on the boardwalk. Special thanks to Isabella Trussell, Randy Sparks and Dee Parsons for helping us keep this experiential project looking great!

Allow me to express my gratitude to Dee Parsons for his tenure as the Solar-lighted Buoy Program Chair. As he steps aside, Randy Sparks has accepted the Chair of this program. We have sponsored Buoys in inventory to mark the shallow water hazards and are will be on the water maintaining the buoys. Please continue to support the fund-raising efforts of our association to increase the safe navigation of our waterway. To sponsor a buoy, go to

In closing, it takes everyone of us to keep Logan Martin Lake, a place that we can be proud of and enjoy this natural wonder…. 24/7/365 days a year!

Thank you,
Bud Kitchin, President LMLPA