Water Monitor Training Opportunity in Pell City

We currently have 21 active monitors on our basic sites, 3 of whom have been monitoring for more than 15 years.  Changes in health and jobs take their toll on our monitoring program every year, so LMLPA is always looking for new monitors for our monthly basic water testing program.  Please consider joining this dedicated group of LMLPA volunteers.  The details are below:

Basic Monitoring Requirements

  • initial training session – 6 hours
  • annual recertification session – 2 hours (every other year after the first year)
  • frequency of monitoring – monthly on a regular schedule
  • time required to perform tests: 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • travel time – depends on where you live relative to the site
  • All new monitors will be placed on existing sites.

If you are interested in being a certified Water Monitor e-mail watermonitoring@lmlpa.org

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